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We offer a full line of bottles with and without filters for people who already have a filtration system at home and the office.

Why filtration On the go?

We are lucky to have access to municipal water, but we may not necessarily wish to drink it due to the poor taste, smell, or appearance of unnatural components in tap water. Municipal water is incredibly convenient, and this convenience is further enhanced if you’re in possession of a quality filter bottle or filter pitcher. Fill your bottle or your pitcher from the municipal water supply whenever you please and enjoy clean, safe, great-tasting drinking water. Take your bottle to the gym, carry it with you while running, hiking, or cycling, bring it to work; in fact, take your portable filter with you wherever you go.

Seeking a water bottle that improves appearance, color and odor?
Purchase a Water Filter Bottle.

Concerned with appearance, color, taste, odor, and bacteria?
Purchase our Water Filter Pitcher.

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We offer subscriptions on all cartridge and filters products. Save up to 15% on all subscription orders.

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Convenience – Due to the ease at which you can attain filtered water.

Removes Chlorine and Chlorine By-Products.

Single-use Plastic Reduction.

Cost Saving.

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